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Single Senstroke Sensor – Preorder


The single Senstroke sensor includes :

  • 1 sensor + strap
  • 1 micro USB cables to connect and charge sensor
  • 1 strap for the foot

Features :
Item weight : 14 g
Product dimension (L x l x h) : 67 mm x 19 mm x 24 mm
Color : White
Battery life : 12 hours (2 hours of complete loading)
Warning : Product only pre-order. Delivery expected in September.


This single Senstroke sensor is an addition to 4 Senstroke Sensors Standard Pack, which you can find by clicking here.

Senstroke is the first connected solution that will allow you to play drums, record and improve your drumming in any place.
Thanks to a technology using Bluetooth, you just have to fix your Senstroke sensors on the drumsticks, define your playing area, and play !

Play only with drumsticks

Using a single sensor, or even two, it is possible to play only with drumsticks.

This solution is ideal if you want to begin the drums without bothering about the feets. It is also possible to use the sensor as a trigger to expand a panel of sound, whether in live or in the studio.

Use a double bass drum 

For lovers of fast double bass drum rhythms, the single Senstroke sensor is ideal in addition to the Standard pack.

Indeed, the standard pack contains four sensors: one for each drumstick, one for hihat foot and one for the bass drum pedal.
If you want to record your double bass rythms into MIDI, just fix an additionnal sensor on the second bass drum pedal.

There is a multitude of uses with a single Senstroke sensor, whether attached to a stick or foot: let your imagination speak !

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